We’re well connected.

We can get just about all new stuff. We can also get used equipment, though we tend to shy away from it because it’s hard to know the history of used equipment. It’s easier if it’s local and we can literally get our hands on it to check it out.

We will give you advice on what to avoid for safety and reliability reasons. We consider ourselves “brand agnostic,” but we have developed some opinions on safety and operability/reliability. You know what they always say, “Listen to your trainer…” If you decide to go it alone, you may get yourself into a bad deal.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Paramotor Dealers hate being “shopped.” If you come to us for training, we’d appreciate it if you can give us the benefit of buying your new equipment through us. If you see equipment you want on the web for cheaper than we quote it for, let us know. We may price match it.

There is lot’s of options (and opinions for that matter) for equipment and training, and it can be overwhelming and confusing. Arizona Paramotor can and will help you navigate the options to get into great, reliable, long lasting hardware and paragliders.

Misc & Parts

Paramotor Parts (Vittorazi, Polini, Minari, etc.)



paramotor and Kiting Harnesses



Float Systems


Chase Cams


Other Accessories and Safety Equipment.