Items you’ll need to to start, and keep flying:

  1. Windsock. Any medium sized one will do. You may receive one with your wing. Sometimes they send you one for free, however, you’ll need a pole. However you can get a windsock at least 10 feet in the air at an LZ.
  2. Helmet. One made for Paramotoring with a good ear cup providing more than 27db of protection. Preferably 31db.
  3. Radio with correct cable to connect them (send me a link to what you bought so I can make sure it will work. We use The Baofeng UV-82HPRadio with Kenwood twin pin cable… and
  4. 2 stroke Oil  (ie- )  Mix at 40:1. I have an auto order from Amazon every month/1 gal. You probably won’t fly as often as I do, so maybe 1 gal every 3 mnths will do, unless ordering for both of you. You can use other brands, but be cautious. Ask around before using.
  5. Race Fuel Tank   (ie-  ) Always fill to exactly 5 gallons, mix at 40:1.  91 octane Premium only. AV gas is fine, but you need to adjust idle for it. It’s not as easy to get, so most people just use 91 octane Pump gas. If you can get Ethanol free, even better, but not necessary.
  6. Oil Mixing Cup   (ie-  )
  7. Paramotor Bible (make this your best friend. Sleep with it and refer to it often. :)  )
  8. Good set of tools to carry around with you. Just the bare minimum actually.
  9. Apps:  Gaggle Flight Recorder.
    1. For Apple:
    2. Android:
  10. Windy.  This is the best wind prediction app available.
    1. For Apple:
    2. For Android:
Finally, watch youtube videos. As many as you can. Avoid videos by Kirt Fister/flight Junkies, Chucky and Dell Schanze/Flattop videos. Anyone else is good. Just search for Paramotoring videos and start binge watching. Watch their various techniques , hand positions, flare height, takeoff techniques, etc, etc, etc. Obviously we’ll teach you all these things, but familiarity is a good thing.
A final thought…I would avoid messing with your equipment too much before class. We’ll go over safety and maintenance of the Moster 185. Just bring whatever you have with you. :)