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Brady Smith

Paramotor Addict Guide & Guru (flying since 2017)

A retired Air Force officer and freedom enthusiast, I’m a PPG addict. Growing up in Hawaii, my passion revolved around the ocean and surfing. When I moved to the mainland, I had to find something that replaced the feelings I felt when in the ocean… An activity that would bring me a sense of intense joy and freedom. Paramotoring checked a lot of the boxes I needed to feel alive again and a connection to incredibly surreal and personal moments of peace and beauty. Sounds corny, I know, but this is what paramotoring did for me, and does for many people. You leave the earth and your problems behind, and nothing can touch you–unless you’re flying too low.

Chance Waite

Paramotor Maniac & Trike Magician (flying since 2017)

My passion for flight developed when I was young. I couldn‘t imagine what it must be like to soar above the clouds, but I was going to find out, one way or another. They offered a Flight School for one year at my local High School, for which I quickly signed up. I dabbled in aviation for many years following, including fun with various flight sims. Eventually, I decided to attend aircraft maintenance school with my oldest son. Fast forward many years later, My Brother in law decided to buy a Paramotor and take lessons. I figured he would kill himself at some point, but I could never do it. I just couldn’t imagine floating on a lawn chair under some fabric suspended by some thin lines. Scared me to death just thinking about it. After about 6 months of going out to the field and observing him fly his trike setup, I took courage, decided to jump in, and began building my own Trike. Thankfully, an opportunity emerged for me to buy a paramotor online at a decent price. I abandoned all efforts to build my own rig and embarked on a journey to learn to fly. I soon realized that all I really wanted to do was fly, so I left all aviation pursuits behind and focused on flying PPG. It has been a life changing pursuit. I, like many, have come to the conclusion, that it is indeed the purest form of flight.

Scott Ritchie

PPG Consultant & Wizard (umbilical cord attached to wing)

Scott is a highly experienced and aptly skilled Paramotor Pilot who has graciously agreed to teach our Advanced Badass course when the time presents itself. A guest speaker and consultant, he’s flown down the coasts of multiple continents in incredibly challenging conditions and back. He‘s had to spot land on a tiny island beach that was literally 20×10 feet in crosswind conditions, and has launched in the middle of sand dunes after experiencing a motor out. He knows the ins and outs of flying cross country, pulling big maneuvers, active piloting, how to read weather and terrain interaction, airspace analysis, risk mitigation, and dealing with turbulence (and flatulence). In short, he’s a humble master in this sport. Some refer to him as Para-Yoda. We call him Tinkerbell because his launches and landings are magical.