Why Train With Us?


When seeking PPG Mentors, you need experts with both knowledge and hands-on experience. Mere certification isn’t a reliable indicator of competence. No need to sift through numerous schools to find the right fit. We’ll demonstrate our value from day one, validating our expertise with tangible results.


PPG flying isn’t for the faint-hearted. It demands determination and perseverance. You deserve a mentor who not only possesses the necessary experience but also guides you through what to anticipate, offering precise examples of the most effective methods. This instills confidence and streamlines your journey to take flight every time.


Building connections is paramount, especially in the PPG community. Our extensive network enables us to secure the best prices for equipment while also granting you access to incredible social experiences in Paramotoring. From fly-ins to excursions and various PPG activities nationwide, we ensure you’re part of unforgettable adventures.


Rest assured, when we tell you that you’ll forge lifelong friendships in the PPG community, we mean it. You’ll find an abundance of like-minded individuals sharing a common passion. We’ll guide you on which fly-ins to join, offering insights on whom to connect with and whom to steer clear of. As part of our training family, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to our high-country PPG adventures for as long as you wish to be part of them.


If you’re still deliberating over our training program, that’s completely understandable. We commend your diligence in researching and selecting the right training school tailored to your needs. It’s essential to highlight that our instructors boast extensive flying experience, totaling approximately 25 years combined. Having flown in diverse countries and conditions, we’ve witnessed numerous incidents in the sport stemming from inadequate or insufficient training.

Our trainers are seasoned entrepreneurs and adept business managers who prioritize customer satisfaction. We believe it’s imperative for our students not only to gain the requisite skills for safe and confident flying but also to have a positive experience with Arizona Paramotor.

We take pride in our PPG training approach. Unlike some schools that overly emphasize quirky cultural PPG trends such as one-wheels, amusing headgear, risky flying, YouTube sensationalism, or other unconventional practices to assimilate into the PPG community, we maintain a serious focus on piloting an aircraft. Nevertheless, we incorporate humor without taking ourselves too seriously.

The bottom line is this: You don’t need to conform to our team or other trainees’ standards. You can set your own pace and receive fundamental training, ensuring your enjoyment of the skies for many years to come.