Why Train With Us?


You want PPG Mentors who know their stuff and have the experience to back it up. Simply having a certification or two doesn’t guarantee that they know what they’re doing. Don’t worry about wading through all of the schools trying to discern who is best. We’ll prove our weight in gold in the first few days.


Flying PPG is not for the weak. It takes guts to commit and follow through. You want a mentor who has the experience and can teach you what to expect, and give specific examples along the way of the very best methods can help you with confidence and streamline your process of getting in the air each time.


Knowing people is important. We are well connected in the PPG community. These connections help us to not only get you the very best prices for equipment, but also provide you with the most amazing social experiences Paramotoring has to offer at fly-ins, excursions and other PPG activities nationwide.


You can Trust us when we say, you will make friends in the PPG community that will last a lifetime. So many good friends all having a common interest. We will help you know which fly-ins to attend, the kind of people to avoid and as part of our training family, you’ll have exclusive invites to our high country PPG adventures for as long as you want to participate.


If you’re still unsure about our training program, that’s okay. We appreciate the effort you’re putting into researching and carefully selecting the right training school for your needs. It’s important to note that our instructors have extensive flying experience, with a combined total of approximately 25 years. We’ve flown in various countries and conditions and have observed many incidents in the sport caused by inadequate or insufficient training. To ensure quality training and provide trainees with a platform to review their experience, one of our instructors has created and manages Parayelp.com. (Initially, our company is not listed on the site to avoid any conflicts of interest).

Our trainers are all experienced entrepreneurs and business managers who value customer satisfaction. We believe it’s crucial for our students to not only acquire the necessary skills to fly safely and confidently but also have a positive experience with Arizona Paramotor.

We take pride in our approach to PPG training. Unlike some schools that focus too much on quirky cultural PPG trends like one-wheels, funny hats, risky flying, youtube sensationalizing or other spinny things to fit in with the PPG community, we maintain a serious focus on piloting an aircraft while also incorporating humor without taking ourselves too seriously.

Bottom line…You don’t have to fit in with our team or other trainees. You can set your own pace and receive basic training, allowing you to enjoy the skies for many years to come.